Glyptal Increases Engine Performance

What is Glyptal Engine Enamel?

Glyptal has been a long time favorite of quality engine builders; but why is it a go-to product? Glyptal is highly viscous enamel paint that is formulated to have high filling properties for smoothing out castings inside of anywhere in an engine that has oil flowing over it. This is extremely helpful for older engines that have porous castings. By sealing up the imperfections in the engine blocks you can also have a piece of mind no debris or loose casting fragments can be circulated in the oiling system. Glyptal also will make the interior of the engine smoother giving quicker return of oil back into the oil pan.

Where Can Glyptal Be used?

Glyptal can be used most anywhere inside an engine where there are rough castings and oil contacts the surface (but the area isn’t machined like piston or lifter bores). The most common spots to use Glyptal is in the lifter valley in the engine and also the bottom end/crankcase area. You must make sure that the block is 100% clean AND dry. Glyptal needs a clean surface and you want to avoid having any oil or chemicals to avoid adhesion issues. Properly applied Glyptal will withstand high temps inside and engine and many years of use and abuse!

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