Getting a little too loose

While doing my daily search of hot automotive topics, viral videos, and general forum gossip, I came across this video.

Now I am all for doing burnouts, getting sideways, and having a little “fun” in your ride. But sometimes you need to make it a practice of taking that split second before you do something silly like that, to check out your surroundings and rethink the consequences. This fellow obviously did not have the control or experience to be doing something like that with a crowd of people around. Everyone was luckily ok, but that could have turned out way worse.

Speaking of burnouts, I shot a fun video/commercial yesterday involving the little gem pictured below doing some smoky burnouts and promoting our current contest Eastwood’s Vegas Dream Ride Tour. Watch this space, and our Youtube channel for the final edit!

-Matt (the Capri runs much better than it looks!)

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