Gasser Green Anglia Gasser- George Padgett’s 1948 Anglia

When you look back to the hey-days of drag racing and hot rodding you will see it was all about packing the biggest engine you could (or could afford!) into a small car and take it cruising or racing. One of the kinds of gassers and drag altereds that you often saw was the small British Ford Anglia. These were like 40’s Ford micro cars and fit the bill for a small car and big engine! Because of that these Anglias have gained a cult following and it’s harder to find one unmodified than even a 1932 Ford! Recently we came across Eastwood Customer George Padgett’s 1948 Anglia project that takes us back to the glory days of drag racing and hot rodding and we wanted share this beautiful custom Anglia covered in eye-popping Eastwood Gasser Green paint!

George found this already-hot-rodded 1948 Ford Anglia in a Boston warehouse and knew he had to have it! He proceeded to drag it home and rebuild it to his tastes. Luckily for George the Anglia already had one of the most desirable early gasser rears from a 1958 Oldsmobile. The rear itself is nearly bullet proof and very desirable these days. George wanted to make the car stop a little better and decided to replace the stock Olds drum brakes with 11.75 disc brakes. The conversion was straight forward and well worth the investment.

At this point things got REALLY interesting and George decided to pull the body off to repair some things and repaint it all in prep for some HUGE tires and BIG power. He settled on a set of 16.5″ tires on the rear with pizza-cutter 5″ wide tires on the front. As you can see even the rolling chassis looked like it meant business at that time!

In August of 2014 George decided on his paint of choice and that was the Eye-Grabbing Eastwood Gasser Green Paint. We feel that color is about as fitting as it gets for an iconic gasser platform! After spraying the firewall in Gasser Green George installed the engine and body back onto the frame. George wanted to make a statement by building a gasser and everyone knows the wildness of a real gasser is in the MONSTER engine you stuff in it! He settled on a 600HP Blown SBC which we reckon will scoot it around town just fine in a sub-2000 pound Anglia.

After some tweaking and finish work George was ready for paint on the entire car. He reached back into the Eastwood catalog for some more Gasser Green and squirted the Anglia in this beautiful color filled with heavy metallic flakes. In the sun the car really pops and looks the part. Since then George has been enjoying cruising it to local events and has even brought home some trophies and “hardware” for his hard work! We’re always amazed at what can be done with a little work, a big engine, and a fresh coat of Eastwood paint! Thank you George for sharing these photos and for your faith in the Eastwood brand and paint!

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