Fully Detailed Dodge 360 Magnum Engine

Not much looks better than a fully detailed engine in your project vehicle. Cleaning the engine up and then coating it in high temp engine paints will protect the engine from rust but also will make the engine bay look as clean as the outside of your car. Recently we received this beautiful Dodge engine done in Eastwood Paints and we had to share!

First the Magnum engine was cleaned mechanically to remove major loose grease, grime, and scaly rust. Then rust converter was applied to neutralize and convert any remaining rust to an inert paintable surface. Self Etching primer was then applied to seal and etch the surface for a great base for top coating.

Next a epoxy primer was tinted red and applied over the self etching primer. Epoxy primer will seal up the self etching primer and give a safe base for top coats of color.

Eastwood Red Ceramic Engine paint was applied for the top coat giving a beautiful shiny red finish that can withstand up to 650F degrees. With activator mixed in before application the finish is extremely durable and will actually have a higher gloss.

Great Job on the engine we’re loving the look of it!

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