Folding work Stand Accessories!!

500-lb.-capacity Work Stand

You may have bought a folding work stand at one point and not even realized how much is on the market to make an already great garage item even better.  Regardless of the brand we should have you covered.   Let’s start with a place to put all your tools, sandpaper, or body fillers while you’re working on a part.

Eastwood Fender Stand Tool Tray

The Eastwood Fender Stand Tool Tray is perfect to hook on the side of your work stand to keep all the tools and items you need within arms reach.   No more walking over to your toolbox constantly or better yet, trying to remember where you set the tool down at.  This thing holds up to 40 pounds so don’t be afraid to load it up and save yourself time walking around.

Eastwood Fender Work Stand Tool Tray

While we’re on the topic of sitting stuff on top of the work stand it’s time to see our Workstand Extension bar.

Eastwood Workstand Extension Bar

Anyone who has tried to put a bump by itself on top of any work stand knows they like to flip over. This wouldn’t be a problem if you only need to repair the part facing up.  All too often though you need to get in the backside to strengthen the repair.  Using the extension bar allows you to rest the bumper on something which keeps it from flipping over.  I have watched people walk away from a bumper in the body shop only to have it flip back and fall off causing them much more work.  Save your self from doing more than you need to.


astwood Cut-N-Weld Work Stand Plasma Cutting Top      Eastwood Cut-N-Weld Work Stand Welding Top      Eastwood Cut-N-Weld Attachmments

Don’t think we have just limited you to paint and body work on the folding work stand you own. Turn the work stand into a welding or plasma cutting table with our Cutting Top and our Welding Top which are both part of the Cut and Weld system.  These can also be purchased individually if you only need one.   Nice part is these unclip and swing out of the way when not in use.   As you can see in the third picture the cutting top is hanging when not in use.  Even while attached the work stand can still be folded up and and stored compactly. Each top will fit any work stand with a bar diameter of 1.25 inches or less.  When it comes to adding an accessory to your work stand look no further than Eastwood. com. 



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