Fixture and Secure Parts Like a Pro

If you’ve ever been in a professional fabrication shop you’ll have likely seen a fixture table or an “acorn” table. These tables are usually very large and extremely heavy. They have round or square holes that are evenly spaced and allow you to use all different types of fastening attachments to hold flat, round, square, and odd shaped parts together for accurate welding. This is one of the secrets to turning out high quality work in a professional shop and it shouldn’t only be for big shops. We decided to scale the professional fixture tables down and bring out a table that works well in a DIY hobby or small professional shop.

The 11-gauge table top is thick enough you can securely clamp work pieces and won’t easily warp from high amperage welding. The work surface is 24″x36″ and makes it a good size to do small to medium sized projects without taking up your entire garage. Adding a set of Eastwood Heavy Duty casters can make it portable or you can use the included leveling feet if you have a dedicated space for the table. The table top has the industry standard 16mm holes with 2 inch spacing so many brand fixturing accessories will work. Use this table to setup suspension parts and in conjunction with all of our fabrication tools.

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