11 Minutes Of Ferrari and The Stelvio Pass

Just a few of the 48 hairpin turns on the Stelvio Pass Road.
Ferrari 459 Spider.
Ferrari 459 Spider.<br>Photo: Marc Lachapelle
This blog article is not about restoring a headlight or removing rust from frame rails.

It’s simply an invitation to drive a Ferrari 458 Spider through Northern Italy’s Stelvio Pass Road, thought by many to be “The Greatest Driving Road in Europe”.

Well, you won’t actually be “driving”…more like “watching”. Car and Driver’s YouTube channel has a breathtaking video of their European correspondent, Jethro Bovingdon, putting that beast of a Ferrari through its paces as it takes on the 48 hairpin turns through the gorgeous Stelvio Pass.

Turn up the volume, maximize the screen and enjoy the rush! The journey begins here.

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