Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts 2017

Fathers Day is right around the corner and if you’re anything like us; your dad played a big part in the classic car hobby many of us are neck-deep in. For some it was just the memories of riding around in an old car when we were kids, while others were thrust into the hobby by helping to build, modify, and go to shows as kids with our dads. Eventually time goes on and your dad is needing your help and borrowing tools from you. It’s nice to return the favor but it’s even better to GIVE him the tools he needs to do the job right. We surveyed Eastwood employees and customers and came up with a nice list of products that almost any Dad would be excited to receive! Below are our top 5 favorites; but you can find the full list on our site HERE.


1.Professional Tubing Flaring Tool-  Your dad might be doing full blown restorations or customizing his cars, or just maintaining the daily driver in his free time. Either way one thing all cars have in common is that they need to go AND stop. The Eastwood Pro Flaring tool is ultra easy to learn how to use and is almost foolproof even if you’re father hasn’t been gifted with patience! Two quick pulls of the handle create most of the common flares in tubing and the tool stows away in a nice plastic case for future use. Best part is that you can do brake, fuel, and any other tubing you need to flare in Nickel Copper, Stainless, and Mild Steel. Just make sure he’ll let you borrow it once in a while!

2. Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun- Your dad has a lifetime of tool collecting and probably “learned it all”. Start him in the world of powder coating and give him a new skill to master. The dual voltage gun is easy enough for a beginner but allows you the capability to change the voltage and do multiple coats for special effects like translucent, chrome effects, and candies. Add a handful of powder colors and our powder oven and he’ll be ready to take on the powder coating world.

3. Eastwood MIG 175- Most dads have a welder of some sort in their garage, but many of them are old, worn out, or under powered. Get your dad welding better with the MIG 175. This is one of our best selling MIG welders and is extremely user friendly. Infinite heat and wire speed adjustments allow for easy setup and he’ll be laying nice beads in no time! Grab A good self-dimming welding helmet while you’re at it.

4. Eastwood Belt Disc Sander- A bench top stone grinder is a staple in most every dads workshop, but they can be far too aggressive to sand items down when working. A belt-disc sander for the bench top allows for sanding of parts and gives you more room to sand. The top on the belt sander is adjustable from horizontal to vertical for optimal comfort when sanding. Get him the right tool for the job and he’ll thank you after the first use!

5. Eastwood 20 Gallon Parts Washer-  Finally is a gift that your dad will love, but your mom might just love too! The Eastwood parts washer gives your dad a controlled space to clean dirty parts. The washer has a built in pump that will flow the cleaning agent of his choice over the parts and let him quickly clean things without staining the driveway or the sink in the house! The washer runs on 110V and is easy to set in an unused corner in the shop. Add Eastwood Metal Wash to tap water and he’s ready to start cleaning parts!

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