Father-Son 1968 Camaro Restoration

Bryce and Adam use Eastwood Products To Breath New Life into their Camaro Project

Everybody loves a good Parent-Child project and this one is no different! Dad has owned this Camaro since 1985 when he restored it himself at 15. Fast forward 35 years and this old Camaro is in need of another light restoration.

Bryce and Adam started by removing the rusty front subframe and blasted it down to bare metal. To seal the part up and stop future rust they used Rust Encapsulator Platinum over the bare metal and the natural choice for coating it was Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black paint to give that OE+ fresh look.

Now that the paint is done the father-son combo are working on reassembling the car and they’ve been using Eastwood coatings each step of the way to fully detail the entire chassis and undercarriage. We can’t wait to see this cool family heirloom back on the road again looking fresh!

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