Top Fabrication Accessories You Need

Having a shop full of fabrication tools is great and will make every job you do easier, but the small unsung heroes are the fabrication accessories that you might not have yet. These little tools can save time and help push your work to a higher quality. We decided to put a list of our favorites from the Eastwood catalog. Follow along and get yourself some new top-drawer items for you tool box!

Perfect Panel Prep Tool The secret to flawless panel repairs is good panel prep. We’ve made you life easier with the Perfect Panel Prep Tool that allows you to make repeatable bevels on sheet metal weld joints for flush welds that require almost no grinding!

Stitch Weld Magnets Panel Prep is the secret to flawless panel repairs! Is there an echo in here? High strength stitch welding magnets pull butt weld joints together on sheet metal and allow you to get your repair or patch set up perfectly before welding. Grab a couple sets of these to hold larger panels in place during mockup!

MIG Stud Welder Kit Stud welders are expensive and clunky, but stud welding and pulling does have its place. We decided to simplify things and make a tip for your MIG welder that allows you to MIG weld the studs to the panel and pull them with a slide hammer. This simple kit can go on the bottom of your welding cart and save you space, time, and money. It’s a no-brainer for sure!

Sheet Metal Gauge For the best possible sheet metal repair you should always try and match the metal thickness your patching or repairing with what you’re using for the repair. Take the guess work out by keeping a few sheet metal gauges hung in key locations in your shop on hand. Sometimes essential tools in your shop don’t have to be expensive.

Sheet Metal Layout tools We made life simple and put together the essential layout tools you need for doing sheet metal work. Save time with an automatic center punch and make accurate cut lines in metal with a sharp metal scribe. These are the tools you’ll find yourself using on EVERY sheet metal job you do.

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