5 Essential Items You May Be Missing in your Shop

I’ve learned over the years that the better equipped and the more organized you are in your garage or workshop will reflect in your work. We decided to put together 5 items that are key in keeping your productivity and quality of work up.


1. A Sturdy Place to Work- The first thing any garage or work space needs is a good sturdy work bench. Your bench will be the nucleus of your shop and a LOT of what you’ll do will involve the use of a work bench. In our dreams we’d all like a heavy industrial strength work bench, but space and money are often the limiting factor. We decided to put together a good solution to help you build a sturdy bench that won’t break the bank. The Eastwood Shop Table Kit gives you the pieces needed to build a good work table around. Pick your lumber add our kit and you’re ready to start doing work!


2. Fix your Brakes yourself- Brake work can be extremely tedious, especially when you don’t have the tools to do the job right. Cheap department store brake flaring tools end up ruining more brake tubing than good. We prefer to spend our time driving our cars rather than trying to fiddle with subpar tools to finish a job. The Eastwood Pro Flaring Tool is hands-down the easiest and most fool-proof flaring tool you’ll use. One practice run and you’ll be off and running producing perfect flares every time!


3. See what you’re working on Better- It’s hard to do quality work when you can’t see what you’re working on. A well lit work area will help you get your work done more efficiently and to a higher standard. The Eastwood Pro Folding Under hood Light has all the features you wish your old work light had! It will clamp under the hood or in the car and is adjustable to shine light on your work area. This light is also portable and rechargeable, so use it over top of a work bench or on a car to really shine some light on your project.


4. Stick Metal Together- Whether you’re doing a full blown AACA restoration or fixing the deck on your lawn mower you will run into a need for a welder. Skip the bottom-dollar units that do a better job making welds that look like bird poop rather than a nice weld and invest in a quality MIG welder to get started. Most small to medium jobs can be handled with the Eastwood MIG 135. It works on a normal 120V outlet and comes with everything but welding gas, gloves, and an auto-dim welding helmet.


5. Maximize your Work Space- No matter how big your shop is, you always seem to fill it up and space becomes a premium. One easy way to keep your workable space at a maximum is to get your cars tucked out of the way as much as possible. Eastwood Wheel Dollies make it easy to “Tetris” your car projects into tight spaces and give you more room to work. They also work great to easily push non-running projects around with little effort.

Check out these essential shop items and more on the Eastwood: https://www.eastwood.com

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