Eliminate Road Noise and Heat With Sound Deadening for Automobiles

One of the best ways to make your vehicle more comfortable for long drives is to eliminate external noise and heat from inside the cabin. Even relatively modern cars have rattles and road noise issues that can be annoying when driving long distance. If you have a rattle or a annoying sound that pops up at a certain speed or RPM it could be simply solved with automotive grade sound deadening material. Below we list our options for solving those issues and what the best uses are for each!

  1. Low Profile Sound Deadening- If you have minor heat or sound issues you want to solve you can use a lower profile heat and sound barrier to solve those problems. As a rule of thumb the thicker the sound deadening the better it works, but that can come at a cost when space is involved. If you have an older car with thin carpets or only a rubber mat a thicker material can cause the floor mats or carpet to fit oddly and look awkward. The low profile sound deadening will keep the carpet and mats fitting like stock and mimic a lot of the old factory “tar mats” on floor pans and inside doors.
  2. Under Hood and Headliner Sound Deadening- Why would you want to keep the beautiful sound of your engine away from the world?! Well sometimes these products are more about cutting the heat down from the inside of the car or the hood itself. Some engines tend to put off a LOT of heat and to avoid any issues with paint on the hood you can install under hood sound and heat deadening to reduce the heat transferred to the surface of the hood. Using this thicker headliner or under hood material in the roof of your vehicle is one of the best ways to refine an older collector car. It will keep the vibrations and road noise down when installing. It also creates a barrier between the hot roof on a summer day and the interior of the car. The roof and floor/firewall are the top spots to cover in an early vehicle with little factory sound and heat deadening.
  3. All Purpose Automotive Sound Deadening and Heat Barrier- Our multi-purpose sound deadening is our most popular and be used most anywhere (other than headliner) and gives one of the largest heat and temp drops. Installation is as easy as cutting and installing a vinyl sticker! This sound deadening does have a foil back on it that is best for hidden areas if you’re building a retro-look vehicle or a show car where you don’t want anything like that seen. This is why we suggest using this in the hidden areas like floors, spare tire wells, inside door structures, etc. If you’re on the fence of which to choose this one is usually our preferred option and most popular!

No matter which option you choose make sure you do yourself a favor and protect the inside of your car with Eastwood X-Mat head and sound barrier! Find our entire line of X-Mat HERE.

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