Eliminate Pinholes in Body Work Easily!

Nothing is more frustrating then spending days or weeks working a vehicle with body filler and block sanding your days away only to apply primer and find that tiny little pinholes show up in the surface. We all know that those can’t be left alone and they will show up in paint and clearcoat. This means you need to address them before paint but many times it can be hard to fill them or identify them with standard body filler.

Evercoat 440Express Micro-Pinhole Eliminator is a quick fix for micro-pinholes that are hard to identify prior to primer application. This 1K patent-pending technology is a high-solids polyester that is easy to apply and quick to dry. Testing has shown, when used properly, will eliminate up to 90% of all rework caused by micro-pinholes. This means you can apply this over an entire area where a cluster of micro pinholes are present and it will dry and sand easily filling all of those small imperfections. Use this as a last chance filler before final sealer, paint, and clear.

The 440 Express Micro Pinhole Eliminator is easy to use simply shake the container vigorously and apply a small amount on the applicator sponge or the repair area. Then wipe it over the entire repair area. Multiple applications may be necessary on larger repair areas. Continue to wipe until a light coat of 440Express has been applied. When applied properly, the repair area will still be visible through the light coat. After applying allow to dry 15 minutes and apply a primer surfacer according to paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

If excess material builds up on the repair area, allow to dry 15-20 minutes, then lightly sand with 320 grit or finer sandpaper to remove any excess product prior to applying primer.

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