Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 36: TC Penick & The Crew of Bay One Customs

TC Penick, Randy Jones & Jeff Roop join Kevin in the studio, as they take time away from preparing the Zed Sled Camaro for this weekend’s Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

TC and the Bay One Crew are no strangers to Kevin’s garage. It wasn’t long ago they were called upon to lend Kevin a hand and get his Jaded Mustang to its SEMA debut.

It might have been a mad dash getting the Camaro ready for LS Fest, but it sure makes things easier doing it with some good friends.

Sit tight & listen to Kevin, joined by TC Penick and the boys from Bay One Customs, taking the time away from saving Kevin’s butt yet again for this week’s episode of Shop Talk.

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  1. Hey, Kevin. Love the podcast. Unfortunately, this episode isn’t showing up in iTunes. You may want to check into that. Thanks for all that you do for us gearheads. Take care.

  2. Hey Kevin: enjoy your pod cast and the tips you have given myself to futher my project. Totally off subject I would like to know how would you go about stamping a different name in a blank signal skin tailgate. (1958 F100 StepSide) I look forward to your responce.

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