Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 27.5: Nick Licata

Car culture has always had an anchor in time with print magazines, and despite current trends, these magazines refuse to fade into existence.

Largely, their survival is credited to men like Nick Licata, editor of Camaro Performers Magazine, the definitive resource of all things Camaro.

Sit tight & listen to Kevin as he previews things to come on next week’s episode of Shop Talk, where Nick answers the age-old question, ‘How do I get my car into a magazine?


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  1. This video did not play. Couldn’t get it to open in another window nor download. Bummer as it probably blew any remote chance I might have been the winner. Tried from home, work, IPhone, IPad, nothing…

  2. Don’t fret guys, a podcast only plays audio, its like ‘On-Demand Radio’ that you listen to on your schedule! Hope things clears things up!

  3. You’re in luck Bryant. Eastwood is releasing a new web series in the near future, Hands On Cars, hosted by Kevin Tetz, which covers just that! Kevin will show you what to look for in finding a project worth restoring and walk you through the stages of the restoration. Keep an eye out for it on Eastwood’s YouTube Channel- EastwoodCo, or make it easier on yourself and subscribe to the channel for daily video alerts!

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