‘Shop Talk’ Podcast – Episode 13: John Gilbert, Editor & Contributor of the ‘West Coast Report’

In this episode of Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk,’ Kevin Tetz chats with John Gilbert: Editor & Contributor to The Eastwood Blog with the ‘West Coast Report’

Kevin describes Gilbert as many things: A Free spirit, custom painter, biker, and in his earlier years, an apprentice to some the best. However, one thing is for sure; John is a living example of a spirit who loves life.

John has spent a lot of time in the editor’s chair, and offers some great insight as to what editors look for in magazine cover shots. As we all know, the cover sells, and John knows what it takes to produce a cover that sells tons of magazines. This guy is the real deal.

So sit tight, listen to Kevin and John chat it up & don’t forget to keep up with Kevin via Eastwood’s Blog & Youtube Channel!

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