Eastwood MP140i Vs. Lincoln LE31 MP

Head to Head of Two MIG Welding Inverter Machines

Today we’re going to talk about the Eastwood MP 140i and the Lincoln Electric LE31 MP. Both these machines are 140 amp 120 volt MIG welders and are also multi process machines. This means you can MIG, TIG, and stick weld with them. A lot of modern machines are made this way and it gives you a lot of versatility.

Both welders come spool gun capable which is nice for MIG welding aluminum. Both welders feature infinitely variable settings. That means you’re gonna be able to dial in your wire feed and your voltage setting to get exactly the weld you’re looking for.

Some unique features that you’re going find on the Eastwood Elite machine that you won’t find on the Lincoln are things like a spot weld timer that allows you to do a consistent, repeatable spot weld which is perfect when restoring a car.

Both machines also feature heavy duty metal drive motors that’s going to assure you’ll get a nice consistent wire feed and a good weld. These machines work excellent and the wire feed and arc were butter smooth.

One of the biggest differences you’ll probably notice is the readouts. On the Eastwood MP140 you can know exactly what your weld setting is and get back to it each time. With the Lincoln Electric you’re just kind of guessing between your numbers and letters and doing your fine-tuning just on a hunch.

Luckily both machines are backed by three year warranties and are reputable brands. The last big difference is the difference in price and with the money you save on the Eastwood machine you could invest that into additional welding gear like a good welding helmet, gloves, cart. etc. Find all of our Eastwood Multi-Process Welders HERE.

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