Eastwood Mini Metal Saw

If you’re anything like me you know it gets old cutting through metal with a traditional fiber disk cutting tool.  You constantly have to think of which way the wall of fire from the sparks will go to protect your project and surrounding items.   For this very reason we bring to you the Eastwood Mini Metal Saw with a tungsten carbide blade.  Known also as a cold cutting saw you’ll be able to rip through the next metal cutting project in less time.  Cut through metals such as rebar, conduit, sheet metal, tubing, and even steel plate.

Here you can see the huge difference in how the tool cuts.  It might look like the Mini Metal Saw is just posed for the picture, but rest assured I was actively cutting when this screen shot was taken.  The powerful 5 amp motor has no problem cutting through your next metal project while keeping the metal at a much lower temperature. Speaking of amperage draw if you plan on using this tool further from the outlet than the 7 foot cord allows we have the perfect solution for you.  Our Heavy Duty 120v Extension cord is made from 12 gauge, 100% copper wire to efficiently transfer electricity to the tool without unnecessary resistance you would find in a home grade cord.

You can clearly see how even after not stop cutting through this piece of 3/8th inch thick steel plate the temperature is still at a point not much above room temperature.   This is the exact reason these style saws are also called cold cutting.   There is now way you would be able to handle a piece of metal after using a traditional fiber disk saw, not to mention the mess you would make with the wall of spark produced.  Our Mini Metal saw has a neat feature of a built in chip catcher to minimize the mess in your shop.  You can even see how full the catch is with the clear viewing window.

Replacement blades for this tool last much longer than you would expect for how fast it slices through metal but when the time comes not only are blades readily available, their very reasonably priced to pick up couple up at a time.  After you get your hands on one of the Eastwood Mini Metal Saw’s you’ll probably never want to pull out your old fiber disc cutter again, heck you might even want sell it.  Now that you’ve seen the pictures of what this great tool can do hop on over to the full length video in action by clicking here.



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