Eastwood Interchangeable Metal Forming Kit Makes Metal Fab Easy

When it comes to metal fabrication you can never have too many tools or accessories to help you get the job done right. It never fails that you’ll get into a pinch where you’ll wish you had another specialized tool to make the metal move quicker or finish out a panel better. We recently found that the Eastwood Interchangeable Metal Forming Kit is great for both forming and smoothing metal! Learn more below.

Roughing out a shape in sheet metal can be a long and tedious task. Especially if you are making multiple of the same panels. The Eastwood Interchangeable Metal Forming Kit can help to take some of the time and energy out of this job.

  • Quick-change design for efficient Forming Head changes
  • Air hammer-driven Striking Body fits any standard 0.401” Parker Taper air hammer
  • Allows for fast, rough shaping of metal panels
  • Vinyl Impact Absorbing Grip, provides a greater measure of control

The other option with this kit is to use it as a handheld dolly for doing smoothing or finish work on a panel. Unlike a traditional autobody dolly this has a handle with a small striking surface that you can hold on the back side of a panel in tight areas to support a panel as you smooth it with a slapping spoon or a body hammer. Simply change the heads out on the metal forming kit to match the profile of the panel your holding the tool against. The polyurethane heads allow for less marring of the panel when smoothing and deaden the blow of your hammer when striking.

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