Eastwood hits the “Big Time”.

Recently we were contacted by an automotive T.V. show by the name of “MotorWeek”. They asked if they could bring a project car in for some of our experts’ opinions on it. They also wanted to do some segments on Eastwood’s history and a bit of information on what we have going on with some of our products right now. We agreed on a date and waited patiently.

Well, yesterday was the big day and a big truck and a larger trailer showed up. Many of us gathered to see what this “project car” looked like. As they dropped the gate on the trailer, the first couple things we all noticed was 1.This thing is big! 2.Its a Cadillac, and 3.It doesn’t run.. (insert a group sigh knowing we have to push this thing around) After a group effort and a little bit of good old fashioned manpower, we had the car in place in our garage and we could climb all over it and assess the damage.

After climbing around the car a bit, we learned the car was inherited by one of the show affiliates and was owned by his family for many years before being parked indoors. The car had a 1988 PA inspection sticker on it, so you can just guess how long it has been out of commission! To our surprise, the car was fairly solid for the age. The majority of the damage was in the corners of the rear quarters and the bottom seams of the doors. With the use of many of our Rust Solution Products they could easily, stop, remove, and treat the major issues with the body.

Sadly, we couldn’t inspect this classic all day, and we had to get to work setting up the shots for the film crew and doing our best to be quiet during filming (a lot harder than you think!). First, the crew shot an interview with our fearless leader Curt Strohacker giving a quick history of the company and also some details on our current product line. This went off essentially without a hitch, Curt is a natural in front of the camera!

Next up was the shots MotorWeek had planned in our R&D department with the Caddy being the star of the shot. (if not anything, by default due to how huge it is!) Just to show how easy it is to spruce up this car, and also give the guys at MotorWeek a kick start, we went ahead and removed, blasted, and powder coated the left valve cover the original Cadillac Blue . They were so impressed with the ease of this process, they decided to film J.R. shooting the powder on! After the powder cleared and the camera lenses were dusted off (sorry Mr. Camera man!) They began shooting a segment in which our R&D and restoration guru Joe, explained some of the best ways to spruce this old Cadillac back up and which of our products would suit each job. After a few outtakes, Joe got the hang of it and they shot all of the angles they needed.

All in all, this was a great learning experience for everyone involved. After their time spent here, the MotorWeek crew was seen loading a few of our popular products into the trailer. Namely, our new Master Blaster Dual Tank Blaster. Here’s hoping those products are just what they need to get the Caddy back to its former cruising glory! Thanks again to the MotorWeek crew for being so patient with us, and we can’t wait to see the finished episodes!

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  1. Mom had a 1975 Caddy — we named it the QE3 — I did much of the maintenance on it– it was NOT fun trying to crawl under it (LOL).

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