Eastwood Customer Mike S. Makes It Rain White on His Dodge 2500 Truck

White paint is one of the hardest paints to apply when you’re trying to get a perfect show winning paint job but it’s also the most forgiving paint or imperfections when finished. This is why it’s one of our most popular colors and is a winner on most any vehicle (even daily drivers!).

Mike S. started with his trusty 1997 Dodge 2500 4×4 truck that he uses for work, commuting, and play. He wanted to give the beat up old paint a new lease on life so he looked to Eastwood for the paint and supplies to DIY the job. After stripping the old paint down and fixing any major dents or damage he mixed up a batch of Eastwood Pure White Single Stage Paint. The Single Stage paint has a good shine to it and doesn’t require a clear coat so it takes one of the scariest parts of painting a car at home off the plate.

After applying a few coats of Pure White Mike untaped the truck and was left with something that looked as good as new! The bright pure white shines nicely and is offset with the HD metal front bumper and mag wheels and upgraded tires on the truck. Whether Mike is taking his sweetheart on date or wheelin’ the back woods he’s got a paint job that he should be proud of because he did it himself! Thanks for sharing your project with us Mike!

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