Eastwood Contour SCT Wire Drum VS. Nylon Scale Drum

Today we’re talking about the Eastwood Contour SCT scaling and steel wire drum. Both of these drums are great for knocking off loose, heavy rust on frames or irregular surfaces where standard SCT drums may get damaged.

Rusty Chassis Before

We want to show you where each of these drums excel and help you understand which one might be better for you. We’ll be demonstrating on an original 1930 Ford Model A chassis that is heavily rusted.

Frame After Stripping With Contour SCT Wire Drume

You can see above the steel wire drum worked really well in a single pass to take off basically all the rust. What’s really amazing is that it gets the rust out of all of the pits in the metal. So basically in one pass I was able to push down pretty hard because the wires are nice and stiff so you can actually put some weight into it and you can really dig into all the irregular surfaces like the pits and get all the rust out. Once you’ve done a pass or two over the metal with the wire drum you can wipe the metal down to get it clean and ready to coat.

Before Scaling Drum
After Scaling Drum

The nylon scaling drum worked really well also with taking off all the loose flaky rust on the other frame rail. The one thing to note is that this drum is a little more flexible which works for getting around things like rivets, bolts, brackets and things like that which would destroy some of the other drums. The nylon stripping drum isn’t as aggressive as the wire wheel because it didn’t get into the pits quite as well. So with a couple of passes you could probably get a similar result, but it’s not going to clean the rust out of the pits as well. If you’re just trying to get rid of the rust and coat the area with something like Rust Encapsulator this will get the job done really quickly and you can just quickly coat over the bare metal and rust combination to seal the area up.

Hopefully this quick demonstration of the wire drum and the scaling drum helped you guys decide which one of these drums will work best for you. They both work really well for removing rust quickly and it’s just the application you choose to use it in. To see more about these drums and all the other drums we offer for the contour SCT you can visit eastwood.com

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