Eastwood and Street Rodder Magazine 2012 Summer Classic

Wow, Time Flies! It feels like just yesterday we were tearing down and reflecting about the 2011 Eastwood Summer Classic. We have finalized all of the details and we’re gearing up for the 2012 show. This year we hope to make it even bigger then last year, with even more fun for the entire family!

Like last year, we’re planning to have HUGE sales going on during the show at our retail store. So make sure you stop into the store, say hello, and check out the bargains. We will also be doing live tech demos again showing off some of our newest Eastwood Exclusive products. If you stick around after the demo you could even try them out yourself!

The 2012 show is also the kick-off event for the East Coast leg of the 2012 Street Rodder Road Tour. You can sign up for the entire tour or even a portion of it before, or at the show! Jerry Dixey and the ’40 Ford built by Hollywood Hot Rods will be there in the metal! If you thought the road tour car was awesome last year, the Ford will really blow your socks off!

We will have more details to come as we begin setting up for the show, stay tuned and don’t forget to SPREAD THE WORD! Check out the video below from last year’s show to see what you missed!



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