Easily Remove Hinge Pin with An Air Chisel

No matter if you’re doing general autobody repair or a full blown bare metal restoration there’s a good chance you may need to separate a door from the body of your vehicle. It is just sometimes easier to have the door on a table, saw horse, or body panel stand for repair. This means you’ll need to separate the door from it’s hinges if you want to keep the alignment correct. Knocking out door hinge pins can be a tricky job and can cause damage if you don’t have the right tool for the job.

A specialized Hinge Pin Driver allows you to use a standard air chisel or air hammer to help install or remove center pins in door hinges. The unique design of this hinge pin driver allows access to car door hinge pins, which most straight punches can’t do due to tight clearances. The driver connects to your air hammer with a standard .401″ taper shank. Once installed simply put pressure down on the tool as you depress the trigger on and off to shock and push the pin through the hinges. This process will save damage by missed swings with a hammer or frustration with straight drivers that don’t allow full contact of the pin.

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