Easiest way to Remove a Body or Engine From a Chassis.

Move Heavy Items with Ease with a Mobile Gantry Crane

Engine hoists work well for removing engines from a vehicle on the fly but they have their limits and can’t do much more than that. In the old days you’d throw a chain or strap over a big old tree in the yard and lift engines or bodies off that or even re-purpose the kids swing set. While oldschool is cool not everything done back then was the safest. We found a good solution to the old shade tree and swing set method.

The Eastwood Gantry Crane can be used to quickly, easily and safely remove a body from its chassis, remove an engine from a vehicle, lift a rear axle onto a work bench and much more. The best part is that you can roll the gantry crane away when you aren’t using it and store it in a corner. The gantry has a 1 ton capacity and has large 5″ heavy duty casters for easy rolling in the shop or driveway. Add an electric hoist or a manual hoist and you can lift heavy items with ease. Since you won’t have the boom of an engine hoist in the way you can more easily slide full engine/transmission combos into the vehicle. The 93″ span and 12′ max height will fit around most common vehicles including trucks to allow you to slide it in and out as adjusting a body or engine for removal or installation.

There’s no better time than now to step up your game and making installing bodies, engines, and other components with ease with your new mobile gantry crane! Find all of our shop equipment for a professional or home shop HERE.

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