Easiest Method To Extend The Life of Your Lawn Equipment

Our lawn equipment is one of those things that we only call on when we NEED it. Most don’t do much for maintaining our lawn equipment other than fill it with fuel, lube, and use it. This means that a lot of lawn equipment gets VERY rusty over time and rust can actually cause your lawn equipment to fail before the engine or mechanical parts do! We decided to show you a quick way you can save your old lawn equipment and get more life out of it.

Remove Old Paint, Loose Rust, and Debris

While the Eastwood Rust Encapsulator we’ll be using adheres to ALMOST anything you do need to make a small attempt to clean off the surface. Start with a scraper and a wire brush to remove any old lawn clippings, flaking rust, and paint. This will give a nice base for the coating to adhere to. The metal doesn’t need to be fresh steel, but it will adhere to bare and rusty metal.

Clean the Surface for Paint

Once you have removed all of the major loose particles on the surface you can then wipe the surface down with PRE Paint Prep to remove any grease, grime, or rust residue.

Apply Rust Encapsulator Platinum

Once the surface is clean you can apply rust encapsulator platinum to the surface. A cheap paint brush, foam applicator, or paint gun can be used to apply the coating. For ease of use we suggest using a paint brush. Apply a heavy coat on the surface and evenly spread it out so the entire surface is coated. Avoid leaving pools of encapsulator as it will greatly extend the dry time.

Rust Encapsulator air dries and will be fully dry for handling after a night of curing. The coating is UV, chemical, and water resistant. It will stop all rust present and also seal from other rust coming back. If desired you can top coat the lawn equipment to match with your desired coating. We suggest just scuffing the surface with a hand scuff abrasive pad to give some texture for the top coating to adhere to.

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