Does Sound Proofing Paint Work on a Car?

Sound Deadening Paint For Autos

For years auto manufacturers have been using a form of sound proofing or insulation to keep the road noise to a minimum inside a car. Modern day cars you can almost drive in total silence because of the advances in sound deadening. With classic cars there was little to no sound proofing and during restoration it’s a good idea to add some to the help make the vehicle more comfortable to drive. Sheet-Style sound deadening for vehicles is the best way to keep your vehicle quiet with little need for special tools or skills. We’ve found that the standard Eastwood X-Mat can reduce noise inside a vehicle up to 19 decibels. While this style works on flat surfaces and easy-to reach portions of a vehicle it might not be practical for the entire car. We often get asked “does your sound deading paint work?” The answer is YES!

Eastwood Heat and Sound Barrier is a spray on coating that applies with a paint gun or rolled/brushed on. This coating will adhere to most any surface and is a true 2K coating that will be extremely durable once dry. Heat and Sound Barrier isn’t just standard paint rebadged as it is thicker and has key ingredients that are designed to help bounce exterior noises off of the surface. A coat or two of the heat and sound barrier will be thinner overall than a traditional stick-on sound deadener and allows you to get it in hidden areas. While the stick-on sound deadener will reduce noise more effectively it can’t be use on the exterior of the vehicle. Heat and Sound Barrier can be applied to the inside or outside of a car and can be top coated to be hidden making it great for floors, wheel wells, trunks, firewalls, etc. With up to 5 decibels of sound reduction and 40F degrees of heat reduction it makes sense to use it in conjunction with our traditional stick-on sound deadeners.

We suggest checking our entire line of sound deadening products for your next project and reduce sound AND heat inside the vehicle for a more comfortable ride!

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