Do I Need Plasma Cutting Table Fluid?

Plasma tables have been around in professional and industrial settings for a while now but recently there has been an influx of smaller hobbyist size tables popping up on the market as well as plans to DIY a table at home. Any good table is going to have a trough for cutting fluid and putting water in there can cause problems. That’s where plasma cutting fluid comes into play and we wanted to cover the reasons you should choose it over straight water in your plasma cutting table.

We all know that stagnant water isn’t a good thing. It can begin to smell, can carry viruses and bacteria, and just become gross! Dedicated plasma cutting fluid contains additives to combat algae and bacteria from growing on the surface of the trough. Most dedicated plasma cutting fluids come in concentrate form so you can add it with water to give you the best bang for your buck.

Another reason you want to have plasma cutting table fluid is to help keep the parts you’re cutting cool as the water will help cool the backside of the cut and reduce slag. For this same reason the fluid or water is bound to splash up on the part and straight water will instantly rust your parts causing more clean up. Dedicated Plasma Cutting fluid has additives that will help your freshly cut parts from flash rusting as soon as they hit the workbench.

As with any quality cutting fluid; Eastwood Plasma Cutting Table Fluid comes in a concentrate and can be mixed 5:1 with water to give a clean trough of water in your plasma table. To find all of our plasma cutting options visit our site HERE.

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