Dissolve Rust In One Step

Eastwood Rust Dissolver Removes All Rust Without Blasting

Rust removal is one of the most tedious parts of a restoration and can make for an expensive bill at a blasting shop to have it all cleaned by a professional. Some items you won’t even be able to get a media blaster in to clean without cutting the item apart. That’s where our Rust Dissolver comes in handy. It is the best one-step rust removal product we offer.

The great thing about Eastwood Rust Dissolver is that it removes the rust, and won’t dissolve metal itself. It will leave fresh, virgin metal ready to paint, plate or powder-coat. Only step you need to do after using Rust Dissolver is to clean the product off and coat with a primer or use fast etch to clean and seal the metal for a one step solution.

One of the tricks of successfully using rust Dissolver is to keep the rust party wet with the chemical. If you have large parts that can’t be fully immersed due to size you can keep a steady stream of rust dissolver circulating over the item with a cheap discharge pump. Just keep the pump in the corner of a bucket or tub and let the rust dissolver continuously flow over the surface. You may need to rotate the part from time to time. You can also build a cheap, temporary custom tub for your rusty part to submerge using card box boxes and line it with plastic to make a bath for odd shaped parts. If fully covered in the plastic his temporary tub will work well for de-rusting large parts too.

While Rust Dissolver is a great one-step rust solution it isn’t the best for all situations. We offer a full line of rust fighting products HERE.

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