Never Let a Dead Battery Keep Your Car Parked

If you store any of your motor vehicles for months at a time, this is a Must Have!

When the nice weather finally rolls around that means only one thing, its time to pull out your classic and go for a cruise.  Only today there is one problem the battery is dead.  Who knows how long it will take to charge up enough to get it started and even once it does start you cant turn it off.  It could take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for the alternator to charge up the battery enough for it to start on its own.

All of this frustration could have easily been avoided if your car was hooked to a battery maintainer while in storage.  A battery maintainer keeps your car’s battery charged to its peak capacity 24/7 by only charging in small amounts as the level drops off.  It will never over charge or burnout the battery. This is because unlike a normal battery charger it shuts off once the battery is fully charged.  You have the added bonus of a short circuit detector that will immediately stop charging if a short is detected through the electrical system.


Rockwood Battery Maintainer 

Battery Tender

Battery Tender Plus 12v

Add one of these battery maintainers to your garage and make sure you never let a dead battery keep you from taking your car out for a cruise.


– James R./ EW

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