Dangerously Cool 9MM Metallic 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

We love all the photos we get sent of projects our customers are tackling and we don’t care if they’re finished or in progress! Today we’re showing off this 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible that is in the process of being sprayed in our 9MM Metallic paint.

9MM Metallic Paint

As you can see the 9MM Metallic has a TON of metal flake in it and it really pops when out in the sunlight. This color is pretty dark when in the shade and can even fool you to think it’s black in certain light ( or lack of). As with any metallic you need to make sure that you’re very diligant with the order in which you spray the vehicle or panels as the way the metallic lays can change the hue or “flop” of the color in direct sunlight. As you can see below the jambs and bottoms of the panels are all being laid flat to spray next to each other so the paint lays the same and doesn’t look different when mounted.

We can’t wait to see this beautiful Pontiac Muscle car all assembled with it’s fresh Single Stage Eastwood paint! It’s going to look deadly fast with the 9MM paint!

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