Cut Metal in Tight Spaces- Adjustable Head Cut-Off Tool

Make Accurate Cuts In Tight Spaces or Out of Position

You know the saying “Measure Twice Cut Once” is extremely important when cutting metal. But what happens if you measure twice and can’t see where to cut? No matter how many times you measure a blind cut will yield a poor finish. This happens often in corners, curves, or when there’s a piece of metal blocking your view adjacent to the cut. These complications is where we get excited to find a solution for that problem.

Eastwood Adjustable Head Cut Off Tool

This is where the Eastwood Adjustable Head Cut Off Wheel comes in to play. This is like no other cutting tool you own. It has a secure lock collar at the base of the cutting head that allows you to articulate the head 25 degrees. This gets the wheel in a position where you can make a clear cut and keeps your hands out of the way. The variable speed, reversible air motor allows you to shoot the sparks in a safe direction. The more we use this cutting tool the more we find ourselves reaching for it first! Find all of our Cutting Tools HERE.

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