How to Convert your TIG Torch to a Gas Lens


In the quest for perfectly colored stack of dimes TIG welds there are a few ways you can give yourself an advantage. Two of them are to get optimal gas coverage and the ability to see the weld puddle better. Gas lens kits do just that. The design of the gas lens allows for more efficient gas coverage and lets you stick the tungsten electrode out from the cup further giving you better visibility when welding. We decided to show you how quick and easy it is to convert your torch over to one of these kits below.

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Above you can see the basic layout of the traditional torch parts and the gas lens parts are pretty similar. Some of the parts can be reused on your torch while some are specific to the gas lens kit.

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Start by loosening the back cap and removing the front cup and electrode. You can then remove the collet from the back of the torch.

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You can then remove the collet body from the front and set the collet body and nozzle to the side. In our gas lens kit pictured above we do include extra collets but you can also reuse your existing one if it is in good shape.

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Here you can see the inner workings of the gas lens and why it’s better and different than the traditional torch parts. The gas lens has a wire mesh screen that “fogs” the shielding gas out of the torch and gives more coverage over the weld puddle.The collet body houses this screened portion and is larger in diameter than the traditional collets.

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Start by putting the gas lens insulator into the torch so it fits inside of the existing insulator. This allows the larger gas nozzle to seal onto the torch to avoid a shielding gas leak.

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You can then thread the collet body into the front of the torch to keep the insulator on the torch. The nozzle will compress it tightly onto the torch once tight.

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You can then load the backside of the torch with the collet and the tungsten electrode.

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Finally set your electrode stick-out and tighten your back cap until it is snug and the electrode is firmly held in position.

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You now have a fully converted gas lens setup on your TIG torch and you’re ready to step up your welding game!


  1. is there a downfall to this setup? why don’t the machines come with these? Getting ready to upgrade to a new machine. I can afford 1 machine and I cant decide TIG or your MIG 250. I need both but the budget says no.

  2. The Gas Lens kit will fit any torch that is the same size. Our TIG torch comes with a WP-17 torch. It will NOT fit the smaller WP-9 mini torch we sell, we’re currently gauging interest for a gas lens kit for that torch.

  3. The only downfalls are that the cups are a little more fragile than a traditional cup and can be more expensive. Otherwise they’re generally superior. TIG welding has a steeper learning curve than MIG welding, so you may be better with the MIG 250 if you have little to no experience with the TIG. Both have their place though that’s for sure!

  4. I bought this to weld aluminum and it works very well, an I am no expert by any means. Still have trouble on old aluminum but new aluminum welds great.

  5. My Mistake, I meant to say it DOES fit the WP-17 torches and does NOT fit the smaller WP-9 mini torch that we sell. We’re gauging interest currently on a kit for that smaller torch.

  6. I recently switched to a gas lense for stainless and I am getting some of the cleanest wells I’ve ever had my only regret is that I didn’t switch sooner. I can even hang my tungsten out nearly 1in. and still get good coverage and clean welds. It’s great for if you have to weld in hard to reach areas.

  7. Does this give you a wider gas cloud coverage? Do you need to increase regulator flow to compensate? Do you need to be extra careful about side wind drafts? A very cool idea that maybe of particular use for post purging for 4130 Learned my something new for today!

  8. Hi Jeff,

    Yes this will give a wider and more efficient cloud of shielding gas. You need to be equally as careful as with outside wind/drafts, more-so the further your electrode is sticking out from the cup.

  9. Thanks Matt,
    I am using a lot of Eastwood products on my project. I bought a tig 200 from you guys and appreciate your instructional videos. Having used it yet but this winter I am planning a project. Question is what do you think of the glass cups and are you guys going to offer them in the future? I think it might help me as a beginner see what is going on.

  10. I have bought one and havn’t had a chance to try it out yet , but from what Iv’e heard they work great ! I do a lot of fab work and sometimes small parts where I need more tip protrusion and visibility

  11. Hi Matt… I have the earlier Eastwood Mig 200 that is blue in color. Is there any differance between the black one and mine? Also, can a person send one in for repair if needed? Mine works great and I’m really enjoying it and will order the gas lense kit asap. Regards.

  12. I have a Lincoln TIG torch LA-9. Will you have a Gas Lens kit for it any time soon.

  13. Currently we will only be offering Gas Lens Kits to fit the WP-17 style torches. Your local welding supply store may offer a kit for those though.

  14. Hi Ken,

    No there aren’t any major differences as far as functionality goes. We had some branding changes to make our welders and fab tools more uniform in styling a number of years ago and switched our welders over to the more sleek black. If your welder is under warranty still and has an issue we can replace the unit or send parts for replacement. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  15. Hi Mike,

    The glass/pyrex cups work great! The cost is just a bit higher and they are VERY fragile if you drop or bang the torch on a work bench. We’ve talked about carrying them, but don’t currently offer them. Thanks for the interest!

  16. Hi,a few questions.Will it fot a WP-18f-25 ?A water cooled 350 amp flex head.Do you have to adjust your pre-post flow,down slope and amperage settings because of diffuse gas flow? Is it better or worse on thin AL. or mild steel body panels?Is it helpful on fusion welds?.sorry for all the ?,s. Bill

  17. Other companies make gass lenses for the WP-9 style torches. I use them with a glass cup for welding thin wall stainless tubing and thin wall chrome molly tubing when building airframes or motorcycle frames. Though both the ceramic and glass cups are fragile I have used the same glass cup on my Squarewave 175 tig machine for about six years now. I made a special torch holder out of 3/16ths round stock or wire and dipped it in a rubber like coating material that mounts on my jig table so I never risk dropping my torch. when your old and handicapped you have to find solutions to help you through the day.

  18. How much is the Tig 200 gas lens kit ?
    It’s for the Eastwood tig 200 ‘ I prolly need 1
    Also do you have a gold reflective lens for Auto dark welding helmet?


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