Contour SCT Drum buyers guide.

Designed in house by our R&D team the SCT will strip and remove paint, rust,fillers and more. With so many options for drums on our Contour SCT we figured it best to bring you this article to explain what can be done with each wheel.  The finishing wheel which is included with the machine will strip and remove light paint and rust down to bare metal.  Another added benefit of this wheel will be that the finish left behind on bare metal is perfect for your primer to stick too.   No need to come back and sand the metal which saves you time and money not using up sand paper.

Next wheel up and arguably one of the most popular will be our Abrasive drum.  This wheel will chew up heavy paint, rust, and even old body fillers with ease.  Most of our customers using this tool will pick up two of these abrasive drums to quickly strip their vehicle to bare metal.  With any of these wheels throughout this guide just keep in mind the one thing which will make them last the longest will be to simply keep them away from sharp edges.  If you must go to the edge of a panel simply go in the direction in which the wheel is spinning to keep the drum from catching an edge.

Interleaf drums are an excellent mix between abrasive pad material and actual sand paper.  With three different grit options, 80, 120, and 240,  you’ll be guaranteed to find the one which suits your application.  We enjoy using these for quickly stripping thinner paint and conditioning metal.

Looking to really expand the capabilities of your SCT?  Look no further than adding an Expander wheel to your tool box.  Utilizing this drum will turn your SCT into a drum sander and open a whole new world of possibilities.  We have sanded house decks to remove splinters and smooth the finish before a coat of paint, or other customers have put a custom finish on wooden stumps to make furniture.  Throw one of the Trizact sanding belts on with a high grit to run over your next bare metal project to get ready for buffing.  Trizact sand paper leaves the most consistent finish without loading the paper up with metal.

An excellent solution for quickly stripping frames down for our Rust Encapsulator is to use the Scale Stripping drum.   This wheel looks like a wire wheel but actually is made out of an abrasive filled nylon.  This will allow you to quickly knock down rust while minimizing any possible damage to hardware such as nuts and bolts.  Now that we have hit all the major wheels available for our Contour SCT you’ll be stripping paint from your vehicle in no time.   If you would like to see the whole video with action shots of each wheel click here.





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