Having an Original Hemi isn’t enough for you?

Then you may want to get yourself registered for the next RM Auction in Arizona. If you thought the prices on original Hemi cars were hefty.. wait until you see what THE original Charger will go for.

This car was the first to use the iconic Charger name, and was used to show off Chrysler’s new 7.0 Hemi V8. This car last changed hands in 2001, and over the years has been restored back to like-new condition. I think any motorhead would be thrilled to have this in their garage. I can imagine that 600HP Hemi really moves!

For more information and pictures on this beaut, check out the story over at AutoBlog.com

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  1. From the images the Hemi looks in a very good condition and the engine is maintained quite well.I will definitely like to get more information about this.The one who are interested in classic cars this one is pretty good.

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