Childhood Dreams come true!

Remember when you were a kid, and getting pushed around (or pushing your friends) in your big wheels or little red wagon? For me it was my stripped down 3 wheeled “big wheels”. My brother and I would push each other around our house as fast as we possibly could until we’d either crashed or we would begged for the pushing to stop. These memories stay with you forever, and sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t get that same feeling as you did “back in the day”.

For Fred Keller and Judy Foster, they had the same sort of idea when they set out to build a full size, street legal, Radio Flyer “car”. Yep you read right, they made a replica of an old Radio Flyer wagon. They started with a 1979 Mazda pickup, and went from there making it look the part. Check out the article linked below by their local TV station. Now who is going to make me a blacked out, gutted, and slammed “big wheels” replica of my old joy-ride toy?!!

The '79 Mazda Pickup they started with.

Stripped to bare chassis.

Body being mocked up.

All Done!

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