Cheapest Way to Remove Rust At Home

Remove Rust with A Tool You Have At Home

Removing rust can be tackled countless ways and they require different effort levels as well as cost. We decided to show our cheapest way to remove rust with the help of a tool you might already have at home. That is our Cylindrical Wire Wheels. Remove more below.

We think the best bang for your buck is mechanically removing rust. Sure you can use a handheld wire brush and scrape and brush until your arm falls off but we like to have some assistance from a power tool wherever we can. Our Cylindrical Wire Brushes are 6″ long and fit right into a drill and can be spun in a drill to knock rust off of frames suspension, tubing, and more. Because the wires themselves and the center spindle are flexible you can easily clean uneven surfaces that would eat up most abrasives. These come in packs of five and we’ve found we can do an entire car chassis with 1-2 kits.

Since the brush is 2″ in diameter it can fit in small spaces and is also a good one-two punch with our more powerful tools like the Contour SCT. Use these cylindrical wire brushes in those corners and around hardware after you take off the majority of the rust with a larger tool to save time! With a price point under $20 it makes sense to stock up on these for a quick and cheap way to clean rust, paint, and more off of metal.

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