Cheapest Way to Clean Greasy Auto Parts

Whether you’re doing normal vehicle maintenance or a full blown restoration it’s always nice to have clean hardware and parts that aren’t greasy when reinstalling. We always suggest cleaning parts of all grease before you begin the process for repainting or refinishing. Not everyone has space for a large blast cabinet or parts washer so we decided to share our favorite option that is both affordable AND portable.

Eastwood Bucket Top Parts Washer

The Eastwood bucket top parts washer combines a common plastic 5 gallon bucket and our parts washer kit to allow you to clean small to medium parts at home with quick setup. Simply fill your bucket with your favorite parts washer solvent.

Once you have the bucket top parts washer seated into the bucket you can plug the motor into a 110V outlet and begin washing parts. The pump will circulate fresh parts washer fluid as you clean parts; leaving the solids or waste in the bottom of the tray. This allows for easy cleaning of the tray and you can easily store the kit away under a work bench when done. Most parts washer fluids will continue to clean for a very long time before they are diluted. You can sift the solids out of the tray easily or clean it out with Eastwood Chassis Kleen before your next use.

You can find all of our parts washers from cheap and portable bucket top parts washers to large parts washer cabinets on our site HERE.

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