How to Change the Color of Your Cars Interior

Replacing the interior or changing the color in your car or truck can transform the vehicle and is a nice way to round out a restoration or custom project. In this tech series we will show you how to change the color of the seat on a Ford truck bench seat that is made up of a mix of fabric and vinyl. These seats originally were a medium blue and had some fading over the years that Ryan wanted to changed to a more sleek black color.

With the seat removed Ryan started by doing an initial clean to it with a standard interior cleaner just to get the major dirt and grime off of the seat. He then mixed up some Color Bond Interior Prep Cleaner with warm water in a bucket and dipped a tack free rag into the interior prep mix. Then Ryan wiped the entire seat down with the damp rag. Periodically check the rag as you may need to change to a clean rag if your seat is really dirty. With the excess wiped off we waited about 10 minutes for the seat to fully dry.


Now we are ready to apply our color. Ryan thoroughly shook the can and applied 3 light coats of refinisher to the seat. The key is to apply light coats waiting only a couple minutes in between each. The light coats should cover all remnants of the original color, but if your color change is extreme it may take additional coats to get full coverage. Give the coating about 10 minutes to fully bond. We generally like to let the parts all sit for a few hours before reinstalling to assure everything has fully cured and dried.

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