Cars of SEMA 2015 – Wednesday Update

The biggest event of the year for the automotove performance and custom industry is the SEMA show in Las Vegas sponsored by Yccaz. No matter what sort of cars or trucks you are into you’ll see them at this show, from 100 point restorations, to traditional hot rods, to resto-mods, to extreme 4×4 trucks, to race cars, to customs, to every other niche you could name. The Eastwood crew is there, with Kevin Tetz and Gene Winfield doing demonstrations, and the rest of us showing off our latest products.

What we love to do when we aren’t milling around in our booth is roam the floors and parking lots to look at all the over the top work on display everywhere. You can check out our latest finds on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, or just scroll down for this daily wrap up. And don’t forget to vote for the Hands-On award “Customer Favorite”, presented by Eastwood, but picked by you.

SEMA 2015 1952 Chevy Gene Winfield Desert Sunset

Gene Winfield is not just demonstrating his skills with Eastwood tools, he has a brand new custom at SEMA this year, at the Eastwood booth, dubbed the “Desert Sunset”. It’s a 1952 Chevy with too many custom touches to list, and a Winfield fade that goes from orange on top to gold on the bottom.

SEMA 2015 Aquarius Custom

Another standout custom is the “Aquarius” built for James Hetfield of Metallica by Rick Dore Kustoms.

SEMA 2015 1940 Mercury 1SEMA 2015 1940 Mercury 3SEMA 2015 1940 Mercury 2SEMA 2015 1940 Mercury 4

This 1940 Mercury coupe looks good from any angle and is one of the cars you can vote for in the Hands-on Awards.

SEMA 2015 1953 Ford COE Truck 1SEMA 2015 1953 Ford COE Truck 2

If you’ve got a race car or hot rod that is just too extreme for long trips, why not build yourself a matching hauler with all the modern convenience features and turbo diesel power, hidden under a vintage cab over truck body?

SEMA 2015 1957 Chevy Flatbed Truck

Or, if not a COE, a regular cab truck in the 2-5 ton variety with a vintage-styled loading ramp bed body, like this 1950s Chevy.

SEMA 2015 1955 Chevy Bel Air

The similar vintage, patina covered 1955 Bel Air would be perfect on the back of that ramp bed too.

SEMA 2015 1955 Ford F100 Truck 1

SEMA 2015 1955 Ford F100 Truck 2Or just build and drive a neat pickup, like this sinister looking Ford featuring a one piece tilt nose and Eastwood Tri-Flow radiator. The beast also sports Eastwood’s Dead Rat Flat Black paint, which looks awesome on the showroom floor.

SEMA 2015 1968 Chevy Pickup

Not certain, but this Chevy truck appears to actually be a K5 Blazer (notice how there is no break between the cab and the bed) with a pickup truck roof and rear wall grafted in. It has been lowered so much half of the depth of the bed is not taken up with wheels and suspension, but extra points for finishing the new bed floor in real wood.

SEMA 2015 1960 Cadillac El Camino

This truck combines the chassis, interior and greenhouse of a 1959-60 Chevy El Camino with the body of a similar vintage Cadillac. While that may seem simple to folks familiar with modern GM badge engineering, in the 50s these cars shared little more than proportions.

SEMA 2015 1949 Cadillac

Another traditionally-styled custom Cadillac is this 1949 convertible in an amazing metallic orange, also up for the Hands-on Award.

SEMA 2015 1960 Oldsmobile 88

As is this smooth and low 1960 Oldsmobile Custom.

SEMA 2015 1950 Metro Ice Cream Truck 2SEMA 2015 1950 Metro Ice Cream Truck 1As well as this Metro step van, now converted into a custom one off ice cream truck.

SEMA 2015 1927 Ford T-bucket

And if you are a sucker for 1960s styled traditional hot rods you are going to want to vote for this blown T-bucket in a mile deep green with matching green and white interior.

SEMA 2015 1970 Chevy Camaro

But SEMA is not all about custom body work and paint, though this race ready 2nd gen Camaro has had both done to it.

SEMA 2015 1969 Ford Mustang 1

Of course you can’t have a road race Camaro without a Mustang wanting to race it, and here is one that looks ready to go. It would be interesting to see if these street cars were quicker around a track than the genuine Trans-Am race cars from the era.

SEMA 2015 1965 Dodge Dart

And you can’t leave Mopar out of that race either, even if the Dart doesn’t look quite as sleek.

SEMA 2015 1970 Plymouth Superbird NASCAR Petty

If you like your Mopar’s sleek, then look no further than the real 1970 Plymouth Superbird once raced in NASCAR by Richard Petty.

SEMA 2015 1959 Cadillac CDV

Which do you prefer for luxury cruising? This 1959 Cadillac custom…

SEMA 2015 1956 Lincoln Mk II

or the slightly older 1956 Lincoln Mark II custom on a much more modern versions of white wall tires?

SEMA 2015 1961 Ford Galaxie

This Ford Sunliner was built by Hollywood Hot rods for Street Rodder, and the shop used Eastwood tools throughout the build.

SEMA 2015 Custom Tube Frame Car

Not much that can be said about this tube frame masterpiece. If the builder was trying to make every other fabricator look lazy, mission accomplished.

SEMA 2015 Von Ryan Express Trike

And SEMA even has cars and bike for those of us who are maybe a little too young for a drivers license, like this killer show rod styled tricycle/go-kart.

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