Can You Polish Metal With The Contour SCT?

The Eastwood Contour SCT really is one of the most universal sanding tools we’ve ever offered and we’re constantly looking for new ways to have it bring more value to your shop. One thing we often get asked is if the Contour SCT can buff metal as well as it can sand and strip metal. Anytime we like to test our products to make sure they can hold up to these new uses. We knew the SCT was tough as nails with its metal gear drive motor but can it actually polish large areas of metal as effectively as it can removing paint and rust? We let Millers Garage try it out on their Air Stream project they needed to polish. Check out their results below!

If you need to strip any old paint rust or corrosion a fine buffing wheel won’t touch those surfaces and you need to start with a more aggressive method. With the Contour SCT that is an easy swap. Simply remove the opposite thread mounting bolt and slide the drum off the key way and install your desired drum. We suggest starting with the most fine grit stripping drum you can to cut down on the extra steps required to remove those sanding scratches.

Once the metal is stripped clean of all coatings we suggest getting a few of the Eastwood Buffing Drums and going through the normal buffing process using different compounds. This will get you a mirror shine in no time. As a rule of thumb you should change each drum for each change in compound. This will help stop cross contamination in the buffing wheels and allow you to get to a mirror shine. The Contour SCT has a speed control you can dial into the desired speed for the compound and metal you’re buffing. As you can see in the pictures below the finish achieved on this vintage Airstream camper is fantastic and makes it shine better than new. You really can buff large panels to a mirror finish using polishing compounds and an Eastwood Contour SCT!

Polishing a Vintage Airstream Camper With Contour SCT

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