Can A DA Sander Be Used For Paint Buffing?

Dual Action Sanders You can Use for Buffing

We all love to get new tools or an excuse to add another tool to our arsenal when you’re into this hobby. But sometimes there’s tools that are good at more than one task. Orbital and dual action buffers have become more popular recently for the DIY enthusiast as they’re more user friendly and aren’t as dangerous to damaging the paint when using them. We wanted to give out some secrets on tools you can use for sanding AND buffing that we offer that might help you shine up your paint in the future.

  1. Rockwood 2″ Right Angle Orbital Sander– This little guy packs a punch! This right angle sander comes with a hook and loop backer pad that you can attach fine grit 2″ sandpaper, an interference pad or a small buff pad to. This allows you to detail small areas like door jambs, next to body lines, window openings, etc. This sander doesn’t come with a speed adjustment, but you can easily add an inline air regulator to dial the speed down if you’re doing detail work. We suggest keeping one of these for doing “dirty work” like sanding out patch panels and one for paint correction and detailing.
  2. Eastwood 3″ Orbital Pistol Grip Sander- Larger buffers and polishers are definitely very efficient for polishing large areas, but they can be difficult to control on irregular shapes or smaller areas. This is where a pistol grip sander/polisher comes into play. You can easily attach your finer sandpaper to knock down nibs or take out orange peel before starting to buff. You can also attach a small 3″ buff pad and polish the paint in medium sized areas like sail panels, cat walks below the rear window, trunk or license plate tubs, etc where you may need to work out-of-position. The pistol grip sander comes with a nice speed adjustment on the top at the back where it’s out of the way but also easy to change on the fly.

Hopefully these two sanders will be great additions to your paint correction and buffing arsenal. They’re backed by our Eastwood Guarantee and also our talented tech team. See all of our sanders HERE.

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