Painting a 70’s Camaro Flat Black with Eastwood’s Help

These days the internet has made sharing your projects with other enthusiasts as easy as ever and YouTube is one of the preferred methods among DIY’ers AND professionals. Recently the guys at documented the process of taking their beat-up, tired 78 Chevy Camaro and making it a stain black looker.


(Photo courtesy of Horspower

In true DIY fashion these guys called in favors from friends and kept the project on a strict budget. They soda blasted the body and then primed and painted the paint with Eastwood Dead Rat Flat Black Single Stage Urethane Paint. These guys did a nice job on the car fixing all of the previous damage and it really shows once the paint had dried!

Thanks for sharing your project guys, we can’t wait to see what you do next on the Camaro! Watch the video of the process down below, they even threw in a few tips for spraying the dead rat flat black paint! Read the full story about their Project Camaro HERE.

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