Biodegradable Penetrating Oil for the Home Garage

Protecting and preserving this beautiful earth for our children and great great grandchildren has become of a concern for many of us and every little thing you can do in your day to day life can make a difference when compounded together! Making eco-friendly choices in your garage can be the first things you can do but it may be difficult to believe there are replacements for some of the harsh chemicals you’re used to using in your garage. Today we’re going to discuss a bio-degradable penetration oil that works with the best ones on the market but is friendly to mother earth.

Trick Shot® Penetrating Lubricant is 100% biodegradable and not harmful to the environment making it ideal for marine, automotive, industrial, food processing, agricultural and household applications. Use Trick Shot® Penetrating Lubricant with confidence for all your tough applications to unlock seized parts, fight corrosion, prevent and penetrate rust, lubricate, protect and clean. The straight shooter nozzle shoots a concentrated stream allowing you to hit your target, minimizing overspray.

Trick Shot can protect all types of metals against the harsh elements that cause rust and corrosion by applying a light film to bare metal. Use it to penetrate into close tolerance areas to loosen rusty/stuck parts. It can creep vertically up threads of bolts and fasteners.

After creeping into stuck and rusted, corroded, and seized parts it helps get them moving again by breaking the rust and corrosion barrier. Use Trick Shot to lubricate and free up moving parts such as hinges, locks, rollers, wheels, pulleys and countless other mechanisms. Finally it Eliminates squeaks and can remove asphalt, tar, scuff marks, adhesives, gum, grime and much more.


  • Protecting
    Spray onto all types of metals and other corrosion-prone surfaces to protect against the elements including salt water, that can cause rust and corrosion.
  • Penetrating
    Spray onto rusted, corroded, squeaky, or seized parts. Allow a few minutes for the penetrating properties to restore action. This will be enhanced by moving or tapping the part. Severe cases may require more than one application.
  • Lubricating
    Spray onto area to lubricate moving parts such as hinges, locks, rollers, wheels, pulleys and other rotating parts to eliminate squeaks and friction providing better performance. Ideal for harsh environments.
  • Cleaning/degreasing
    Spray onto affected area to remove scuff marks, adhesives, gum, tar, etc. Great for stainless steel.

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