Best Ways to Keep Your Exhaust From Rusting Out

Rotted out exhausts is a problem we fight on our classics as much as our daily drivers. With modern cars it can be as easy as clicking a few buttons on a website to order new exhaust parts but for a classic car it may require an expensive custom made or aftermarket performance exhaust. If you’re fixing your daily driver you may have to pay a professional shop to do the repair and the parts plus labor can get really expensive really quick! There are some measures you can take to keep your exhaust from rusting out prematurely. Below we cover our top ways to extend the life of your vehicles exhaust system.

  1. Let your car warm up- The worst thing for an exhaust system (and even an engine) is to ONLY drive a vehicle on short stints or jump in it and just take off without letting it warm up fully. The heat change in the engine and exhaust can create moisture in the exhaust system and if you don’t “burn” it off you will have moisture that will constantly collect in low areas in the exhaust and rot them out. That is why the bottom corners of mufflers and low spots in exhuast pipes tend to rot out first. If you can take the time to let your car fully warm up before you drive it; especially if you’re only going a short distance. This free solution will add years onto your exhaust system.
  2. Coat the Exterior of the Exhaust- Except for some higher end cars most exhaust systems are made of steel and they sit in about the worst spot for a vehicle as far as rust and corrosion goes. If you’re going through the effort to rust proof your car on the bottom you shouldn’t forget your exhaust system. Clean and scuff your exhaust system and apply Exhaust Paint to seal and protect it from corrosion and road debris. Our standard Exhaust Paint comes in an aerosol form and is good to 600F Degrees. It is great for anything behind the catalytic converter or exhaust manifolds. For extreme heat protection ANYWHERE on the exhaust system you can use Eastwood Hi-Temp Exhaust Coating. It comes in Silver, Black, and Factory Cast Iron Gray. Our Hi-Temp Coating will withstand temps up to 1400F Degrees and can be sprayed or brushed on the exhaust system. This will double or triple the exhaust system’s life and make it look better too!
  3. Properly Store Your Car- If you have a collector car or a fair-weather ride that sits for longer periods of time you need to be careful of small rodents and critters. These like to make nests or homes insides exhausts of cars stored for long periods of time. This tends to collect moisture from the nests and their urine and feces. This is a quick way to wreck an exhaust system and possibly worse an engine! We suggest stuffing open exhaust pipes with steel wool to keep them from burrowing into your exhaust system for the winter. You can also place dryer sheets near or over the tailpipe as they dislike the fragrance and will stay away.
  4. Coat the Inside of the Exhaust- The hidden areas on a vehicle are the #1 spot car owners forget about when rust proofing. This idea applies to exhaust systems. If you’re installing a new exhaust system or trying to treat an existing exhaust we suggest coating it with Eastwood Internal Exhaust Coating. The extended wander with brass nozzle sprays wicking paint in a conical pattern and coats 360 degrees inside headers and exhaust pipes. We have found it is a great piece of mind that will keep your exhaust lasting longer!

If you’re looking to install a new performance exhaust system and treat it you can find it all on our website. Find all of our exhaust systems and coatings HERE.

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