Best Way to Separate Body Panels

Body Seam Splitter is a Time Saver

One of the hardest parts of a restoration or rust repair job is removing the old rusty metal so you can clean the area up and replace it with fresh metal. There can be spot welds, body panel glue, undercoating, old repairs, and other things holding a panel together and even though you thought you drilled all of the spot welds out the panel is still holding on for dear life.

Eastwood Seam Splitter Set

The Eastwood Seam Splitter Set has 3 different tools that have sharpened edges on different locations to allow you to hammer the tool between a panel seam to separate stubborn, stuck panels. The back side of the handle has an area for hammering and you can also hammer on the sides of the tool. We suggest as you hammer the splitter in you watch the top side of the panel for any spot welds you may have missed. As you hammer the splitter in it will separate the two panels and you may see a round circle of a spot weld show up in the top panel. You can then drill the spot weld out or hammer through it to break it.

The Eastwood Seam Splitter is a tool you won’t use every time you work on your vehicle but it’s a life saver when doing most any rust repair or panel replacement job. To see all of our our Auto Body Specialty Tools visit our site HERE.

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