Best Way to Detail your Engine Bay

Having a chromed out or polished, spotless engine bay is a dream of a lot of car enthusiasts, but it’s a lot of money and time to get an engine to be to the level of high end show cars. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an ultra clean engine bay that looks really great without breaking the bank. We decided to put together a list of our favorite ways to detail your engine bay and drive train.

Aluma Blast- Freshly Blasted Aluminum looks so perfect, but you can’t hardly look at it wrong with it getting stained or dulled. We have worked hard to develop a paint that has the perfect metallic hue to match virgin, blasted aluminum. We like to seal Alumablast up with a satin clear coat to make cleaning your engine easy!

Underhood Black- Want your engine bay to disappear or two make it have that OEM black sheen? Use Underhood Black on the engine bay or parts that you want to be more subdued. Pair this with polished, chromed, or brighter colored parts to allow them to Pop in the engine bay. This paint is also a near perfect match for the OEM black finish found on inner fenders, firewall, etc of the Muscle Car Era.

Golden Cad Paint– Many brackets, hardware, in an engine bay were originally zinc plated but it can be expensive to have them plated again. We worked hard to come up with a Cad paint system that replicates the look of Gold CAD plating on these small parts. Follow the directions to a T and you’ll have parts that could fool the judges at the next show!

Factory Gray Hi-Temp Paint– Nothing can ruin a clean engine bay like a rusty exhaust manifold. Our Hi-Temp paint can withstand the high heats seen on factory cast iron exhaust manifolds and still look good. Make sure you clean any rust off of your manifolds first before applying the paint for a long lasting coating.

Radiator Black Paint– Just like a rusty exhaust, a faded, bent up radiator can be a sore thumb in a cleaned engine bay. Spray the radiator with our special Radiator Black Paint that allows air to still flow through the fins without harming the cooling properties of the radiator. Don’t use a big box store spray paint, it will hurt the cooling properties of your radiator!

Just using this small handful of products can transform your engine bay and get it show ready for next season. Don’t forget to use our Chassis Kleen to blast off heavy grease and road grime before you prep parts for paint!

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