Best Under Hood Paint For Engine Bay

Unless you’re building an over-the-top show car you’ll probably want a paint that is understated and close to how the factory would have done it. Getting the right sheen and color to match your classic ride can be tough and sometimes modern base coat clear coat systems can give to deep of a look that will seem a bit modern on your classic ride you’re restoring.

Eastwood Underhood Black uses an acrylic lacquer formula that matches what would have been used originally. There is just something about a semi-gloss lacquer that is hard to duplicate with other types of paints. The other nice thing is that this paint requires no hardener or activator and is very user-friendly when spraying. We do suggest using a paint gun for larger areas or the aerosol cans for smaller parts and areas. Because of the make up of the product we do not suggest using a paint brush to apply as it can give lackluster results when flowing out. We’ve found one quart will do most engine bays and accessories like inner fenders, radiator supports, etc. If your part is clean of oils, dirt, and contaminants you can spray under hood black right over top, but if bare metal is showing we suggest using a self etching primer or an epoxy primer for best base coverage and adhesion.

Find all of our under hood detail products for your restoration HERE.

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