Bend Tubing Like a Professional At Home

Tubing has incredible strength and is used in automotive racing and customization regularly. We’re constantly looking to take tools that are generally only available in large industrial versions and too large and expensive for a home hobbyists. Recently we’ve had a lot of requests for a tubing bender that can bend tubing for chassis work, roll cages, suspension parts, and more. We put our heads together and we now offer a hydraulic power tubing bender that you can fit even in a small home garage.

The Eastwood Hydraulic Tubing Bender allows you to easily make accurate repeatable bends in up to 2″ x .120″ wall mild steel tubing. With a wheeled pedestal and bender you can roll it out of the way and store in a corner of your garage when not in use. The dies available allow you to bend from 3/4″-2″ OD tubing up to 180 degrees. The inline point and degree wheel allow you to make accurate and repeatable bends in most tubing types with no kinks or deformation.

To get yourself setup and bending tubing like a professional check out our Hydraulic Tubing Bender for your small professional fab shop or serious enthusiast garage HERE.

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