Beginner Tips For Custom Powder Coating Effects

Once you get the hang of the basics of powder coating you may want to add a cool effects to your powder coating projects. We have seen everything from two-tone jobs, to full blended and flaked powder jobs that are unbelievable. We decided to show a couple techniques for beginners to try to customize your powder coating projects.
The first tip is getting a custom brushed or polished finish around your powder coated parts. You can sand through the powder on the lettering to give it a two-tone appearance. We suggest to start with 120 grit and then move to 600, 800, and finally 1200 grit to remove all the powder as well as scratches from the previous grits of sandpaper. You can than follow up with a scuff pad to give a brushed finish to the raised areas. With the powder from the lettering removed the cover looks even better and it only added a few additional minutes of work as you can see the blue metallic looks awesome against the aluminum lettering giving it a really cool two-tone effect.
A great way to change the appearance of powder is to simply change the base coat. Above is a valve cover that is coated with Eastwood Atomic Orange Powder on one side over the original chrome and then it’s over Eastwood gloss white powder on the other side. It’s amazing the cool effects you can get by simply changing the base coat. You can also apply chrome powder to a part,cure it, and then apply the color to get the same effect.
Powder coating isn’t just for car and motorcycle parts, you can powder coat fishing lures, bullets or ammunition, door knobs, light fixtures, stainless cups, golf club
heads, paintball guns, and even do decorations or crafts like candle holders out of mason jars using an Eastwood translucent powder. The nice thing is that powder coating doesn’t require a lot of money to get started and a small entry level compressor can handle working most powder coating guns.
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